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EFCU Church Corporate Program

We understand your special needs, and we’re here to serve those needs.

Episcopal FCU understands the special needs your church or affiliated organization has regarding banking relationships. We know how important it is for you to maintain good stewardship and not waste this money on bank fees. We specialize in Church Corporate accounts and many churches already save on a monthly basis by banking with us. Plus, we offer many of the same services your bank offers…just at a lower cost to the church or organization.

Why Us?

Episcopal FCU provides churches with a professionally managed, federally-insured financial institution. Member-owned by Episcopalians and run by people who understand your church’s unique needs.

Corporate Savings, Money-Market, and Certificates of Deposit

We offer a range of Corporate accounts designed to meet the savings needs of the Churches. To become a member with Episcopal FCU, you must first open a regular savings account. This establishes your membership with the Credit Union and allows your church to take advantage of the many products and services we offer. Plus, we offer higher rate Money Market and Certificates of Deposit accounts to meet your special needs such as congregational development accounts, building funds, etc.

Church Corporate Checking

The core account for our Church Corporate Program is our Corporate Checking account. Designed specifically to meet the special depository and transactional needs of your church, this checking account offers liquidity, accessibility, and all the convenient services your church requires for their main checking account – and with no analysis fees or other fees usually associated with other banks. Plus, your church checking account will earn a dividend every month on average daily balances of $500 or more.

EFCU is an excellent place for your church’s or other church-related organization’s corporate accounts. We provide corporate accounts with a professionally managed, federally insured financial institution. EFCU is member-owned by Episcopalians and operated by employees who understand your church’s unique needs. Your corporate account can be a regular share account, a money market account, a certificate account, or any combination thereof.
For more information, call us at (800) 245-0433 and ask for your conference’s business development officer:

Ben Sarracino is the contact person for the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona.

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