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Church VISA®

The UMFCU Church VISA® is perfect for churches that want to take control of expenses with a minimum of paperwork and hassle. Use your Church VISA® for everything from travel to office supplies. Your UMFCU Church VISA® line of credit gives you the freedom to take care of business as your cash flow dictates. For more information about Church accounts and our Church VISA® card, please contact our office at (800) 245-0433.

Click Here to Download the Church Corporate VISA® Application Required Documents
Click Here to Download the Church Corporate VISA® Application Required Documents (United Methodist FCU)

Church Corporate Visa Application Required Documents
Thank you for your interest in our Church Visa Credit Card Program. To assist in your Church Visa application, please follow the instructions below:

If your total credit card limit request is $2,500 or less, then please submit the following:

  1. Completed UMFCU Corporate VISA® application.
  2. Vestry/Bishop Committee/Chapter minutes authorizing the UMFCU VISA®
  3. Authorized signer form completed and copies of ID for each card holder.
  4. Copy of most recent Stewardship and Financial Information of the Reporting Congregation page from the Report of Episcopal Congregations and Missions According to Canons I.6, I.7, and I.17 (otherwise known as The Parochial Report)
  5. Bishop will be notified once card is approved.

If your total credit card limit request is over $2,500, please submit the traditional documents listed below:

  1. Complete the Church Corporate VISA® Application.
  2. Copies of the Church Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the previous two years.
  3. A Corporate Resolution signed by the Vestry/Bishop’s Committee/Chapter and/or the Finance Committee (see attached).
  4. Approval by your Bishop
  5. Copies of the Vestry/Bishop’s Committee/Chapter and/or Finance Committee Meeting approving the VISA® application with UMFCU. Minutes should include:
      • Number of authorized signers, the number of cards to be issued, the names of the signers and their titles, if applicable.
      • How the church name is to read on the card(s).
      • Board minutes must be on church letterhead and include a copy of the full minutes, not just the page where the motion was carried.

Application must also include:

  • Copy of card signer’s Driver License or other government issued ID.  Copy must be a clear copy. Scanning and emailing copy is preferred.
  • Signature of Vestry/Finance Committee Chairperson and Secretary of the Committee.
  • Credit Card Authorized Signer Addendum. To be completed by each authorized card signer.  An account signer may not sign on his/her own credit card signer form.

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